David J Bland

I’m here to change the world by changing the largest organizations on the planet. I do this in a variety of ways through coaching, speaking and mentoring but it all comes down to people.

Today we face times of extreme uncertainty, yet have structured our companies using ideas from the 1920′s. Employees are treated like factory resources performing repetitive tasks while their salaries stagnate.

As we evolve from can we build it to should we build it, it is no longer a time of projects and requirements, but of experiments and hypotheses.

About Me

Stringtown, WV

I’m currently living outside San Francisco CA but grew up in a small town in West Virginia. After graduating from a nearby state college in 1999, I jumped into the dot com bubble outside of Washington DC. I quickly taught myself how to code and work in a fast paced, collaborative environment.

I left our startup after it was acquired in 2006 by a global insurance company and found myself drawn into organization after organization that needed help.

Business & Giving Back

Today I work with my colleagues at Neo who share my vision of changing the world. When I’m not mentoring at Fortune 500 Companies I’m either writing, speaking or giving back to the local startup scene. I often donate my time to help startups become the next runaway success.